Ahh yes, environment

Ahh yes, environment

Our son smokes. He’s three and a half. This is a picture of him smoking.
Josh smokin
He tells us that he only smokes sticks and straws. He took up smoking while we were in Greece and where smoking, and cigarette advertising is still widespread. Though interestingly, and thoughtfully on his part, he only smokes outside. And I can’t, in fairness, point to Greece alone for his motivation in taking up smoking.

We spent quite a lot of time with friends from Australia who, being well-practiced smokers, felt a twinge of guilt. They were constantly ducking out for deep breathing exercises. We reassured them that it was all good because he used to smoke inside.

In response to my mini sermon on the health dangers of smoking, our son reassured me that he had a strong body and would be fine. (Interesting early-age rationalization). Though his trump card I must say, was pretty good. I don’t really smoke he said…just sticks and straws.

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