Another view of digital

Another view of digital

I posted something recently about ‘digital natives’ and ‘digital immigrants’, phrases coined by Marc Prensky (though I have recently seen these terms attributed to Douglas Rushkoff?)…phrases meaning those born into a ‘more’ technological age and therefore more technologically familiar, and those who preceed them, still alive perhaps, but not as savvy around the touch screens and mouses.

I read the following on Wiki…it’s a different view:

‘This notion should be considered as highly problematic and inept because it plays down the importance of indigenous struggles by making a false analogy with a more or less chosen membership in technological culture. There could be as well telephone natives, or radio natives, which makes ethnic groups around the world who struggle for their rights. Using such a terminology is rather a sign of unfamiliarity and exoticism in relation to digital culture. Of course, nobody is “born digital”; as with any cultural technology, such as reading and writing, it is matter of access to education.’

Wadaya think?
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