Fabulous Queenstown

Fabulous Queenstown

This little vid thingo I put together as a tribute and thank you to the lovely people of Queenstown New Zealand Aotearoa. So kia ora and aroha nui from me. I look forward to our next meeting.
(You will need Adobe flash player for the vid below. Clicke here to download it).

For those of you who weren’t there…

I recently spent a couple of days in a quite beautiful spot, conducting a workshop near a peaceful lake and between snow-capped mountains. The workshop was about working with disconnected young people. Everyone worked with energy and passion, and as our two days came to a close I asked people in the workshop to devise some questions I could put up on my website…‘the consideration of which may change the lives of those who consider them’. Pretty tall order. Their elegant and wise contributions appear below:

For young people

What’s one thing you can change to make your life better for you?
What does a good day feel like? What is the next choice you could make to improve it?
What is one thing you could change about your life?
There are as many possibilities as there are people.

For those who work with young people

What can you do to hang in there when times are tough?
What keeps you in this job? Who do you need to be standing alongside you at the moment?
Are you listening? Are you reflecting? Who’s looking after you?
Take a risk, trust yourself.

For parents/community

What do you do when young people make mistakes, to ensure they know you are there for them?
What is different about the way you are enhancing the welfare of your youth?
How are you supporting what you value?
Smile at a young person, say hello when you see them on the street in your community.

Thank you to everyone. Kia ora.

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  • Jane guy

    wonderful- thats great! Even if i have got a cheesy grin! enjoy the wine and hope to see you soon

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