Indigenous young people

Indigenous young people

It would be a really really REALLY good thing if we could start to get a handle on what it is that might be that keeps our young indigenous people in the world and connected ratther than heading into Juvenile Justice.  The NSW’s  Commission for Children and Young People quote Attorney-General Robert McClelland.

“Finding ways of building up their identity, skills and confidence, rather than pulling them down, is the key to reducing the rate of Indigenous kids who find their way into the juvenile criminal system.”

The article tells us that Indigenous young people are now 21 times more likely to be detained in custody than their non-Indigenous counterparts.

There is some pretty good evidence about sense of identity and sense of belonging and connection being fundamental in the wellbeing of all humans.

Dancin boy

And possibly particularly so with those who have been dislocated and disconnected. Our task may well be to find some better ways of doing this.

These two pics are of a couple lovely young people showing us the value of both the old and the new. Onya!


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