Let’s all be as miserable as possible shall we?

Let’s all be as miserable as possible shall we?

You see the following sign:


And what do you do?

Or possibly you hear, in conversation, these words:

‘Look, don’t take this personally…’
‘No offence but…’

What comes into your mind? Possibly not…‘gee this is gona be fantastic, I can hardly wait!’

Last week I heard someone on the radio…not sure who…saying something like: ‘Economics is as much about psychology as it is about numbers.’

I kind of agree I gota say! I’m neither a politician nor a journalist…through design, motivation, lack of ability…not sure which…or all…but I do pay a little attention to the idea of communication…and yes…we do have a GFC…Global Financial Crisis (just in case you haven’t been paying attention) and yes we really do need to notice that it is happening and yet the other day on the front page of the BUSINESS section of the paper I usually read was the banner:

‘Banks’ bad debts go from bad to worse’

And the smaller headlines on the same page:

‘UK counts cost’

‘Myer squeezed’

‘Bad news’

Is this really the only way that reality can be viewed and commented on? Communication theory (ie the best way to communicate) tells us that we focus on what we want and then describe ways to achieve it. So I shall post again, when next I see something I think is both realistic, hopeful and inspirational in terms of our GFC.

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