More on communication

More on communication

Who is advising spokespeople for…well anyone really…at the moment, because of how things economically, I am particularly thinking about banks. So who is advising spokespeople on HOW TO SPEAK?

This on the radio a few days ago… a bank somewhere in Europe is under threat because of a run; people withdrawing money. The spokesperson on public radio said something like:

‘Under normal conditions we would be okay. If you keep coming to the bank and taking out your money, our liquidity will be jeopardised.’

I think the stand out messages people will take from this are:



We needed to hear that the bank could do business as it always has. Yes, times are tough and we ask everyone to do as they always have and we will continue to look after all our customers.

Or something like that…it needs to be truthful and also sound as if it is. And this bank can continue to function as it always has…and what it needs is for everyone to continue to act as they always have. How likely is everyone to relax upon hearing the words: ‘DON’t PANIC’

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