Rules, laws, litigation, common sense and compassion

Rules, laws, litigation, common sense and compassion

This is a picture of my friend John. JohnCrutchesC

He is on crutches because the wheelchair, which he is supposed to be using, and which he was given by the hospital, was too big to fit through the doorway of his apartment. When he rang to tell them this and to ask for a smaller one, he was told that because of his LARGE sized body they were worried that the smaller chair would not be strong enough. And something might happen and then they would be in trouble. Okay. Solution: he gets to walk on crutches which he may topple off because he is not supposed to be putting any weight on this hips, and he is unsteady on his feet. But no-one will get into trouble because they gave him a smaller wheelchair.

Let’s protect the hospital staff from silly litigation. It would also be good if we could encourage some creative compassionate thinking that keeps our citizens as safe and as pain-free as as possible.

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  • Jacklin

    This is a great expample of how litigation in health care replaces compassion. It is frustrating to see a patient in that sort of pain when he can easily be accommodated with a smaller wheelchair. I also think your friend will eventually have problems that is caused directly from him still standing on his feet.

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