Security, public spaces and young people

Security, public spaces and young people

All praise to Western Plains Security. I was in Dubbo last week (14th October) buying something at the supermarket/mall  which adjoins the cinema complex. As I came out I noticed a security guard… and two things just stood out. One: he was talking with a group of about a dozen teenagers, male and female. Two: he was smiling and laughing… and so were the kids. One really good way to keep our public spaces safe is by making sure that people use them and, wherever and whenever possible,  that those who use those public spaces know each other. Getting on with the kids will not guarantee a trouble-free zone but if anything does happen:

1.If it involves those particular young people, the security guard knows them and can call on that relationship in managing whatever is happening

2. If something involves others, these young people will be much less inclined to get involved against the security guard, and much more likely to get involved to help him.

3. Life is more enjoyable when we get on with each other.

I decided to not go and chat with him because I didn’t want to get in the way of  what looked like  a pretty friendly moment. I went back next day to say ‘goodonya’ but he seemed to be elsewhere. But I will send an email.

Way to go Western Plains…

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