Telling lies

Telling lies

I’ve been meaning to put something up here about this for a while. Here are a couple of quotes from the Po Bronson article about children and telling lies…

“Many parenting Websites and books advise parents to just let lies go they’ll grow out of it. The truth, according to Talwar, is that kids grow into it. In studies where children are observed in their natural environment, a 4-year-old will lie once every two hours, while a 6-year-old will lie about once every hour and a half. Few kids are exceptions.”


“In longitudinal studies, a majority of 6-year-olds who frequently lie have it socialized out of them by age 7. But if lying has become a successful strategy for handling difficult social situations, a child will stick with it. About half of all kids do and if they’re still lying a lot at 7, then it seems likely to continue for the rest of childhood. They’re hooked.”

And this, referring specifically to using fairly tough rules…

“Ironically, the type of parents who are actually most consistent in enforcing rules are the same parents who are most warm and have the most conversations with their kids, Darling observes. They’ve set a few rules over certain key spheres of influence, and they’ve explained why the rules are there. They expect the child to obey them. Over life’s other spheres, they supported the child’s autonomy, allowing them freedom to make their own decisions.

The kids of these parents lied the least. Rather than hiding twelve areas from their parents, they might be hiding as few as five.”

Check out the full article at this site if ya like.

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