The creative class again (Is that us?!)

The creative class again (Is that us?!)

Whether you love Richard Florida or love him less, he does say interesting things from time to time. In ‘Rise of the Creative Class’ he has the following to say….

‘As we have seen, most people do not quest after some workplace zen:They desire challenging work, good pay and reasonably competent management that does not get in their way.’  P 133


‘…creative people and knowledge workers respond well to organizations with solid values, clear rules, open communication, good working conditions and fair treatment.’  P133

and…’failing companies’ are:

‘…beset with near constant stress, continuous uncertainty, chronic management turnover, frequent changes of direction and general chaos.’  Page 141

Would I be drawing too long a bow to ask just how might this all apply or not, to communities, to community work? To agencies in the welfare/youth sector? To the work we do with young people? To families? To how we spend out daily time? Hmmm…would it be time for coffee?

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