Uncle Martin goes to camp

Uncle Martin goes to camp

I sometimes wonder about the term ‘role model’. Might be a bit too simple or something. But where I have no doubts at all is in thinking that young people need elders and youngers around who inspire, encourage, and uplift. And do so in major and minor ways, sometimes actively and sometimes simply by being who they are and simply being around, and sometimes simply by being. So with these thoughts in mind I am putting up this post for Uncle Martin. And for all of us. 

Uncle Martin. You are one cool dude. And this is a tribute to you. These are some pics I took the last few times we worked together at the Beyond Empathy camp for young people.

And let me say I enjoy your playfulness, your modern and respectful blending of the old and the new…you have a great way of practically and constructively combining new and old ways. I like how you bridge cultures in a modern world, and I enjoy the playful noise that you bring along with you wherever you go as you jump in and do EVERYTHING on offer…and I value your quiet teachings. I am glad we are friends.

The wonderful artworks here are by Steve Donovan. (All of them I THINK). And the music is…hey guess what? Might just be you Uncle Martin.

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