What is a good argument?

What is a good argument?

I was discussing the middle east nightmare with a friend the other day and subsequently she sent me this email.

‘Wherever I Go, I Hear The Same Tired Middle East Comparisons

by Robert Fisk


Robert Fisk is pretty reputable I thought, and yet the argument here simply seems to lack logic, any real depth of substance when presenting an argument, and contains also just a little arrogance. Irrespective of my views on the middle east, the argument here seems to be that something must be in some way wrong or inaccurate if:
1. I have heard it before
2. I am tired of it.

Imagine saying this:

‘Wherever I go I hear the same tired commandment:THOU SHALT NOT KILL’

Now clearly this must be somehow a really bad idea because:
1. I have heard this not only before…but a lot!
2. And if something tires me, bores me, …ME!…then clearly it must be wrong.

But maybe I am missing something here?

Then of course there is what Robert Fisk writes. And you can read this for yourself if you would like to.

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