Where would you like to live?

Where would you like to live?

We are now back home in Australia, after 9 weeks circumnavigating the globe and staying with friends pretty much wherever we went.

We stayed with our friend Kelly (and her family) in Barrie Canada, North of Toronto by about an hour. Kelly lives in a swamp. It’s real cold in winter and real hot in summer. Kind of beautiful too.imgp0498

Then we stayed with our friend Tom (and his family) who live in suburban Toronto. And we lost the pics…but imagine children playing on a swing…
it is also cold and hot here in excessive amounts in the appropriate seasons. It’s a friendly welcoming home. With a swing.

And we stayed with Adi our friend (and his family). They live in a wood. Adi makes furniture in a shed which he tells us is permanently cold. In winter, impossibly so. And in summer there are bluebells.

And there are always sheep.imgp0753

And we stayed with friend Sue who lives on the Scottish border in a small village. Not actually in the viaduct pictured but close by. imgp1012
A beautful big house overlooking the village. Needs a lot of work they say. As does the vegetable patch. We picked our dinner there.


And we stayed with Nick and Theresa (and friends of family) on the island of Symi in Greece. In an uncle’s semi-renovated house. Water brought in by ship each week. Plumbing…sort of. Super hot in summer.
imgp1590Exquisite beauty everywhere.

And we stayed with our friend Louise (and husband) in Singapore.
They live in an apartment in a Singapore that is ordered, clean, welcoming, friendly…and with great food!

And then of course we finished by visiting big family in New Zealand…home of my partner, a place of great music, wonderful scenery, interesting and often good social politics, very nice food, quite often a lot of rain and wind…and again, family and personal history.imgp2003

Where did I most like being? Where would I like to spend more time? If I had to move to one of these places, which would it be? Where did I feel most at home?

This all requires some considerable thought…I may be some time…

And it’s nice to be home.

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