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Words are always fun

From the prolific Wes Fryer. 3rd Dec. On the differences between cooperation and collaboration.

‘Cooperation is when everyone is doing the same thing, we are using everyone’s work. Example: everyone is working on the same task together.
Collaborating is using our own strengths and gifts, like when people build a house together and are doing different things while working towards the same larger goal.’

From the Sunday Herald 7th Dec 08, a headline:


And I thought: Always good to know about how to look after kids, and guess what? It was a guide to money investment. Silly old me; I just don’t understand childcare do I?

From the wonderful Terry Pratchett (et al in this case), in ‘The Globe’. 2003, P 23

‘A spell is a story about what a person wants to happen, and magic is what turns stories into reality.’

From ABC Radio ‘Life Matters’ 11th December 2008. A comment made by a (delightful) teenager about lying to his parents:

‘It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission.’

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