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Education 2009 and on…

Wesley Fryer continues to say things on his website that I don’t understand…usually to do with digital something-or-other. This says nothing at all about Wesley though a great deal about me and my lack of digital. Wesley often seems far from radical…he does not have dreads and although I can’t say for sure because he does not have THAT sort of website – I would just bet he ain’t got no tats neither. And then he says – as he did on 8th June 2009 – stuff like this.

‘We don’t need legislators with a vision for 21st century literacy that would merely overlay digital tools on top of the existing, traditional secondary bell schedule and core curriculum. We have to not only re-imagine our schools, we have to actually re-architect them. This means changing the bell schedule. This means changing the required curriculum. This means no longer measuring learning exclusively on seat time. It means using portfolio assessment, and requiring that students use a variety of digital technologies to show what they know. It requires operationalizing the rhetoric we hear about moving from fact and recall based learning to a model emphasizing AND assessing the abilities to access, process and efficiently utilize information to solve problems and accomplish specific tasks.’

Hmmmm…’…operationalizing the rhetoric..’??? (sound of me scratching unshaven chin…we did just get back from 9 weeks overseas). This is pretty out-there stuff. So even if he aint’ got no tats…

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