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Young people

Tim Hawkes, headmaster of The King’s School, Parramatta, has this to say in the Sydney Morning Herald 26th -27th September 2009:

 ‘The most frightening situation occurs when there is an accumulation of brain-deadening behaviours. It is difficult to believe an under-exercised, jelly-bellied video gamer, with an affection for junk food and late nights, is going to survive childhood without being mentally damaged.

We need to be concerned about the possibility of a brain-damaged generation of children.’

This sounds a tad tough, but Tim also points out, as we are all coming to know, that the brain is capable of growing and shrinking depending on what we expose ourselves to. And Tim asks: does your child engage in meaningful activities? Have a calling in life? Are they involved in a worthwhile cause? 

Fair enough questions really

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