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Gay okay…gay is good

If you would like to see a spectacular dive by Matthew Mitcham, then check this out:

I hava confession…I read the Sunday newspapers…yes I know… they are crap. But they are ‘THE SUNDAY NEWSPAPERS’.

And so I read the thing at the back of the ‘Life’ magazine which profiles various famous people (why aren’t I there?)

and asks people to respond to slightly varying statements. This week for Matthew (gee that DOUBLe T gives me TTyping problems!)

the statement was: ‘what I know about men…‘ I don’t follow sport stuff so I didn’t even know who he was, but I really liked what he had to say:

‘I don’t think gay and straight men are all that different. Or men and women for that matter. There’s so much crossover. Gender, masculinity, feminity, sexuality, it’s all fluid.’

A couple of things are important here, whether or not I agree with the above statement. Firstly, that someone can be openly gay, and not get immediately bashed for it. Secondly, that this is presented in a fairly middle-of-the-road newspaper, in a way that suggests that…gee let’s go crazy…it’s normal to be gay, part of life, one of the possibilities…

So, good thing this. And MaTThew also talks about how it isn’t easy to be gay, let alone openly gay…and so we can continue to make it easier…hey! Welcome AND normal.

Thanks Matthew.

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