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‘Indigenous hip-hop Project’ doing it for young people

This group is totally onto it for a number of reasons…they are great dancers. Check out the moves particuraly about two thirds the way through this vid.

I went to a workshop these guys did, and: It was interactive. I got to do hip-hop and generally have a good time. Best sort of workshop really. I experienced the way they work with young people, rather than being told about it, so I know and feel what they do. And this is what I took away from their workshop. They are inclusive, noticing and responding to all around them; they encourage playfully, energetically and humorously risk-taking…having a go….inviting young people, by their actions, to step up and do stuff they don’t usually do. I heard and saw in action the principles they operate on…I took away these ideas: Move quickly and don’t allow fear to build. As you proceed just ‘grab’ a young person and sweep them along with you ,..again so the anxiety of performance does not build. Blend traditional and modern…crocodile dance done hip-hop fashion. Notice who is jumping in and who is hanging back and (the dancers in this case) locate themselves next to those who might need a hand. Specifically notice anyone who might be on the outa and just bring them in quietly with the above methods. Fun and movement, principles/learning built into the action, and bravery and fun in equal and large amounts. Probly missed some stuff and misquoted others…but all very very good. Check out more about this sort of action…

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