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2012…here we go…possibly again

Is the new year for you…good? Bad? Something else? Is the new year? Looking better than/same as/worse than…last year? Terrible things continue to happen but so, quite amazingly at times, and against – it would seem – all odds…hang on…lost the sentence here…trying to say: despite the crap, good things do happen. And I have slowed down my blogging, (is that good/bad/whatever…?) Coz I am trying to work out the best way of keeping in touch and being in touch with all…and who…really matters in what we do. Whether I am eatintg pizza today might interest me, but I can’t imagine why anyone (except our local pizza guy) should want to know about that…bookface and twitter not withstanding. So…I am intrigued by the beaut NEWSLETTERS others are putting out, and so shall explore ways to bring these via this website. I will be useful and they will be pleased, and our time will be well spent. Starting now! Here are two via Richard Lenn:

Has Australia been good to kids?

Why Parents Help Tweens Violate Facebook’s 13+ Rule

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