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Digital generation

So much talk about the digital age and what it means for children/young people…and we don’t really yet know the impact do we? Gotta wait a few years to find out. But here again is something to look at, and again thanks to to Richard Lenn for this link.
I would like to hear some solid advice/comment/direction for parents in relation to this topic. I know it’s tricky but I keep hearing things like: set boundaries, set limits, don’t deny use but monitor. It sounds good, but I would like to know just what ‘Setting boundaries’ means coz it covers a lot of territory and is going to vary I suspect from family to family. Years ago when smaller screens had less of a presence and TV was god, I heard a speaker say:

‘If you do just one thing, do this: make sure there is NO TV in the kids’ bedrooms.’

Agree or disagree, it was a least a clear and do-able action. It would be nice to hear some more of these.


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