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FRAMES: Build your own Frame

If you haven’t downloaded FRAMES as yet, you still can. And you can do it here.

I’m delighted so many people have downloaded a copy, albeit a bit of a hick-up if you don’t have a Mac as it seems the font is only Mac friendly. But we’ve sorted that by giving you a link to software that should sort it. Or of course, just email me and I can always send you a PDF, which works pretty much as good as an Epub. Some of us like looking at vids so I’ve made a vid about HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN FRAME. And that’s right here.

If you would rather just read than look at a video, the four ways described here are the ones you will find in the book.
1. Three topics: where you ask a young person to think/write down, everything that is happening in their life right now; to identify the top three, then choose which one to start with.
2. Three questions: Devise the ‘best’ three questions that would be useful for this person right now.
3. Two views: You and the young person each choose a frame that would be good for that young person; blend the two, and this becomes the beginning of the conversation.
4. One each: The young person, you and one other person; friend, parent, teacher…each chooses one important ‘something’ for this young person. Combine these ‘somethings’…and they become the FRAME for the conversation.

There is actually a bit more in the book about all this when you have a bit more time.

Go well.

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