Engaging Young People – Working with Groups

Engaging Young People – Working with Groups

Engaging Young People – Working with Groups

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Videos to help you engage with young people.

This series of videos is a subset of the Engaging Young People – 30 videos course, aimed specifically for those working with Groups to give you activities you can use to engage with young people, connect with them and build a relationship They are conversational and interactive activities so that, together, you can then begin to discuss matters that are important to young people.

I invite you to take a look at these strategies, and to share your experiences either with other members of this site or just with me if you prefer, and let me know if the videos and the activities are helpful to you. Go well!

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  1. An activity that encourages a young person to think about the tricky balance of being true to their feelings and embracing these, while being mindful of what they are projecting to the world around them, and the impact this will have on how the world will respond to them. A physical activity, both playful and serious.
  2. 'A week in words' offers a young person a way of reviewing their week by choosing from a list, a number of words that best describes that week, and then adding a few more of their own. The activity opens a door onto a discussion about what a person can control, what they can't and what they want to do with those things they can.
  3. This activity asks a young person to explore their hopes and dreams…a ‘hope’ being a sort of : ‘Gee, I hope this happens…’ and a ‘dream’ having a bit more energy to it: ‘OMG! Wouldn't it be amazing if…!’ With both ideas in mind, the activity asks a young person how they might pursue each, and look at just what they might be able to do to make each become a reality...and what help they might need along the way.
  4. An activity of imagination. As playful or as serious as you would like it to be. 'Snippets' are snatches of conversation overheard while jogging. 'How would you finish this sentence?' 'What do you think is on the mind of the person speaking?' 'If it was you, what would you be thinking?'
  5. 'Frames' shows footage of a real - life conversation with Dylan; and demonstrates how a Frame, which contains and focusses a conversation, can, if used creatively and carefully, result in a pretty interesting and worthwhile interaction. This video is 6.30 minutes long so find a time when you can fully appreciate how terrific Dylan is, grab a cuppa, and put your feet up.
  6. 'Four questions' is by far the longest video I have posted, but it seemed to need it, so I hope it works for you. It's an activity about deeper engagement. Who you ask the questions of, when and how all matter. With four important questions in mind, the video and the activity explore the importance and power of 'containing' a conversation in ways that can intensify and concentrate a conversation. All a bit serious, and all quite important.

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