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Culture and beauty

Here we are again in Bali, and apart from a quite distressing eye infection which all four of us in the family seem to have, this continues to be a lovely, welcoming and aesthetic place. No doubt that tourism in all its forms is rampant here…I guess that means us…yet Balinese culture seems to continue to be robust. Relgious/cultural ituals are performed daily and/or often, and although offerings to the deities and entities now include¬†packaged sweets and crackers (deities are modern and flexible) the rituals¬†are in place (still!) and the offerings made in small woven trays or on banana leaves and are everywhere. We as tourists go to see the local dance and music and I suspect we are really patrons of the arts, helping the balinese pursue the things they love.

Of course I may just have this romantic western view of things. Though at the moment with our eye infections, it is a red, vision-reduced painful blur. And Bali is still just great.


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