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Doin it!

Let me tell you why I am putting these two vids up on my website.

This first one because:

1. It’s about something important.  Ie encouraging people to get involved in the process of democracy
2. It does this in a really engaging way
3. The hiphop stuff is just sheer brilliance in itself.

This second one because:
1. The hiphop stuff is again just sheer brilliance
2. Funny is good
3. It continues, in its own way, to remind us of the political process.

Both of them are posted here because they continue to remind me that a really really useful way to present ideas of importance is through humour, lightness and useful and relevant spectacle. And if we want young people to be active in their worlds then these are good things to remember for those of us who work with young people. Especially those living on the edge.

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