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Hot day in the city…young people havin fun

A couple of weeks ago, I’m cycling through Harris Street Sydney…and it could have been any inner city street in a 100 different towns…I saw this really beaut ‘going-off’ thing. Lots of young people (mostly young men) playing basketball in what looked like a fairly highly competitive but user-friendly way…lots of loud music, BBQ, kind of tiers of young people because of the layout of the centre being on a hill. And yes I know they look like they are a bit in prison but this only coz I was taking pics from outside the wire in the street.

And okay I also didn’t see the inevitable tensions and difficulties that might arise, but it is so uplifting to see young people doing their thing (not somebody else’s) and doing it publicly and looking just great. This is Pyrmont Youth Center doing some nice stuff at ‘Maybanke courts.’ Onya! If I was…like…really young…I would say: ‘Boom!’

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