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Here we are in Bali and watching the children head off to school each day.

And I have no idea really just what happens in school here though yesterday I did chat with an American living in Bali who has a child at school, and is herself a teacher and on the local school board. And she thinks highly of her experience here. And I try to pay attention, and still I wonder how and in what ways the children grow up here. I was speaking to a traveller the other day who said: ‘I have heard children crying here, but they have all been Western kids.’ Hmmm….

So with possibilities in mind, I again say thanks to Wes Fryer for the following.

And I think I might just quote him holus-bollus and you can decide what you think. It is another comment in the ongoingly important discussion about education and the world we live in. Sometimes…with two small children…I just look at the future (ie next week?) and LOL….oh and have the occasional thought and even discussion…sometimes with people other than myself.

This is what Mr. Fryer has to say referring to the Bloom’s model:

‘This mode of teaching is certainly “messier” than traditional, teacher-directed instruction, but this is exactly the sort of dialog we need to prepare students to be engaged and educated citizens in the 21st century. Our need for critical thinking is greater today than ever before. Are you living in an echo chamber? Are your students? We need to find ways to regularly step outside our bubbles of normalcy and question both our assumptions and our sources of information. This inquiry-based process should allow us to act as true “sceptics” guided by a scientific way of thinking rather than “deniers” driven primarily by ideologies or other biases. Our digitally connected learning landscape makes this need even more apparent than it was a decade ago, last year, or last week.

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