Video 27: If I Asked Your Friend…

Imagine if I asked your good friend about you? What would they say? If I asked them if you were fun…what would they say? Loyal? Reliable? A good listener? Our friends know stuff! Which is where this activity comes in.

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  • Hsouthwood

    I wish now I’d taken notes on these activities as I went, instead of just watching. I don’t suppose you have a document somewhere with a short summary of each activity that we as case workers could use as reference/a reminder?

  • Petersla

    Hi Hsouthwood
    Yeah, I know what you mean. In fact I just played this video and listened and typed out the questions and main points, just to see what I could come up with. But that aside, two things: First, there is just me of course and so it gets hard, time-wise, to get the written stuff done…and I tend to go over things a bit so it takes me a while. I loved making the videos but still was pressed for time in getting them done. But I will look into it…in my spare time. The other thing is this, and it’s quite real…in the vids I’m trying to give you a ‘feel’ for how the activity might work, as much as the activity itself. And the questions themselves might be anything. You don’t need to ask what I’ve asked. The pace of the activity is also important; moving backwards and forwards quite oflen between the two parties (if you do have ‘the friend’ present) or moving between the two views; what the person thinks their friend might say, and if they agree with the comment. Most of these videos can also be treated as podcasts too, so it can be helpful to play them a few times, while you’re travelling from A to B…or even C…or any other time when you need your eyes elsewhere. NOT when cycling though. Helps anchor the activity for you, its pace and feel. And then you add your own personal touch. I know this doesn’t give you notes for the activiites…but hope it adds something. Stay in touch. Cheers

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