Video 6: Park it and talk

An activity when you need to have a tricky-sensitive chat with a young person. It suggests that you ‘park’ what you need to talk about, and spend a few minutes getting to know each other – that is, building a relationship so that you are able to have the important chat. This activity complements both Vid 5: ‘How ya doin?’ and Vid 7: ‘Alert…advise.’ They are each stand-alone but make sense in a sequence from 5 to 7.

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  • Joaiul

    Hi Pete, thanks for this.. I am watching these videos and am reminded of how important it is to establish that rapport – every time. I think when we tend to see the same kids – either because we are case managers, counselors, youth workers etc..we tend to make the assumption that ”they know me now, I have had 2 sessions with them already… I can just ‘cut to the chase’.” what happens is we forget that between sessions they have probably had 20 different adults in their lives.. talking at them mostly.. and that they are pretty tired.. (especially if you are working with young people who, as you say are involuntary/mandated clients). this activity can be used each time.. the 3 questions can be different each time.. food, music, sport, movies, etc.. and each time there is a space for breathing that that young person may not get in any other conversations with adults.. thank you again for the reminders.. Joanna

  • Petersla

    It’s the whole show really isn’t it…the relationship we have with a young person. And like all relationships, they require attention. Thanks for your comment. Cheers. Pete

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