Video 4: Two Envelopes

A very cool activity for a ‘family’ or where there are multiple people in a conversation. Two envelopes, one with ‘easy’ questions and one with ‘hard’. Which would you choose right now? The activity can be re-jigged to fit any topic, and the questions can be VERY easy and VERY hard. You decide by making up those that fit best for your group. Do let me know what you think of it.

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  • Alstewart

    I really like this activity, it would be fun to try with the Youth Council. Is there a resource for a selection of questions to ask? In particular the harder questions?

    • Petersla

      Hiya Alstewart. Well, I think chapter 8 in my YOUTHWORKS book talks about questions…BUT…in the absence of that…there are stacks of therapy books around of course, which you can consult. But what guides me is what I pointed out in the video…put the questions together in such a way that they assume the best in people and help it emerge in response to the question. So you might ask: when you really buckle down and work hard, how are you able to to that? So we just assume the person can work hard. Or ask: what brings out the best in you? This just assumes there IS a best. Because, of course, there will be. Or ask: what is there about you that people can rely on? Same thing. Or: when you’re sad, what helps you deal with that? This says to the person that sadness is normal; and also that they can cope with it. You could always rate each of the HARD questions from 1-10 in degree of ‘hardness.’ But often, what’s hard for one person is not necessarily so hard for someone else. Experiment and see how you go, and pick your time and place to do it.

  • Lfaye

    Hey Pete thanks for the activity – we ran it as part of a Youth Outreach program. The students were very curious about what question they would choose. Also, as they answered easy questions, their courage grew to tackle the harder ones. It was great to see their self confidence and communication skills develop.

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