Video 30: Straight Ahead, Or…

This final video of the 30, explores an idea or an approach…which asks you to make a decision as to how you might start to help a young person engage with some sensitive aspect of themself or their life. The video explores the idea of going directly and straightforwardly to that delicate area…or alternatively, start by exploring a person’s external world; that is, what is happening in their life around them; and secondly by exploring their internal world, their thoughts and feelings at this moment in life. This video also includes footage of a conversation with Anna, a wonderful young woman who shows the value, for her, of a straightforward direct approach.

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  • Ana

    Thank you very much Peter for your guidance and for sharing your valuable knowledge with us so enthusiastically. All the best with your book and future projects!

    • Petersla

      Hi Ana
      Pleased you find them useful. And thanks for the best wishes…looking forward to the coming year. Take care. Pete

  • Buster

    Hey Pete,

    It’s Kipling (Kip). Thanks very much for the videos, ideas, enthusiasm, encouragement oh, and the learning bits as well…

    As always, I get some new idea from you every time I either attend some training, a seminar and, now, right in the comfort of my own office on video. I only just got to the last few today (I think I might want “less” busy in my life, at least sometimes 🙂 ).

    Ironically, Going Away is exactly what I need for a client visit this afternoon – is that synchronicity maybe?

    Great resource, thanks again, I hope you (and your family) are well.

    Cheers mate

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