Video 2: Wadaya Say?

A groupwork activity that works with groups of any size but especially for really BIG ones. It fits perfectly for noisy people, quiet people, physical people…and really, just about anyone. It’s silly, it’s active, it’s meaningful and it works. Based on rapid fire questions inviting physical responses, it leaves lots of room for you to throw in whatever questions that make sense for the group you are running. I would really like to know how you use this one.

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  • Kathw

    I’m loving these Peter! The whole idea of having one a day is great and loving the video format cos I really then get to tap in to your energy and the wonderful enthusiasm you bring to your interactions with young people.
    I wish though that I could print out a tip sheet with the basics of the tip written down so I could refer back to it! My memory is pretty bad lol! But thank you these are great! Youth workers can suffer a bit from burnout from time to time and this is helping me find a bit of mojo 🙂 thanks heaps:) Kath

    • Petersla

      Kath. Thanks for that. What I was hoping for. A sheet is a great idea…I just need to find time to do them. Let’s see…

  • Dotscott

    Very interesting, I replay it a few times.

    • Petersla

      Hiya Dotscott…goodo. I think anything worthwhile is worth playing a few times. I know I have a certain ‘energy’ to the way I do things, and this activity lends itself to that. Having said that, we all work to our own ‘energy’ – whatever that looks like.

  • Ana

    Great activity, love it!

  • Petersla

    Dear Fpacheco
    You welcome!

  • Petersla

    Good onya Ana…have fun with it…can throw in any questions you like…and also develop them into the content of your group…and right into ‘serious land’ if you want to. Cheers. Pete

  • Mimdesha

    love it peter :)!

    • Pete

      Good! That’s what I was hoping for.

  • Irongirl

    Loving these short sharp videos. Right up my alley of quick information- that is useful and the examples of why they are useful. Keep up the great work Pete

    • Petersla

      Irongirl, pleased you finding them useful. Some different ones coming up so be interested in your thoughts. Cheers Pete.

  • Petersla

    You are most welcome Fpacheco.

  • Pj69

    Oooo love the simplicity (and brilliance) of this one. Involving quieter people in a non-threatening, welcoming and fun manner. Can see this working well with groups of adults as well as young people.

    • Pete

      Brilliance? Thanks, I’ll have that.

  • SarahD

    Love that this activity allows a space for those that don’t want to fully engage yet can participate in a non-threatening way by choosing “I need to think about that” or “MYOB” gestures but it still includes them. Great for new people joining a group that often feel unsure.
    I can see lots of uses for this… team building, reflection, fun etc

    • Joaiul

      agree with Sarah and PJ.. thinking of our next staff development day… I agree that it can be used with adults.. coz it taps into the ‘kid’ in all of us.. 🙂 keep up the great work Pete..

    • Pete

      Sarah, I dont really need to point out that you are a genius. Yep to all that.

      • Pete

        Yeah Joaiul,
        There is nothing that I use with young people that I don’t use with adults. Really it’s the same, just a shift in tone in delivery. I’m sure it will go well. Let me know…

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