Video 14: Yes, No, Still Thinkin’…

A great activity for individuals or groups. The example here is of a group of boys saying where they are in response to the question: ‘Do you want to stay at school?’ With three possible responses: Yes. No. Still thinking about it…In a group it can become a physical movement to one of three spots, in a conversation in a car, it can just be a one word answer…(oh! Except if you are: ‘Still thinking..’ That’s two words.) And then of course comes the discussion that you expect and hope for after an activity: whatever you chose, how come? And how do you/we help you with that decision? Whatever it is.

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  • Attard94

    Hi Pete,
    Loving the videos and really enjoy how you break everything down.
    Just a question,
    In regards to if a young person chooses “No” but isn’t able to leave school yet (Years 7-10) how do you see that conversation unfolding?
    As a Links to Learning teacher, I want to be supportive of their choice however naturally want to encourage their participation within the school.
    Thanks heaps,

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