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Group Work


The use and purpose of activties

Groups exist for all sorts of reasons of course. The types of groups I am talking about here are those that aim to be useful to participants in some developmental way, possibly a healing way, helps people deal with stress and distress, helps them start to realise their hopes and dreams.

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Managing problems in groups

When groups are running well, then all is good and nothing is required. Ways of doing things, roles, rules and expectations develop and all of this is fine. Sometimes though groups start to lose their spirit, become less interesting to people, meet people’s needs less, or even become conflictual.

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Ideas and activities

Sometimes questions and activities which seem really quite innocent and simple can elicit very big responses, both in those with whom you might use these activities and in yourself if you decide to respond to them before using them. (And this is always a good idea!). So use them tactfully and with timing. Fun and playfulness are always welcome of course.

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Forum Theatre

Much has been written about Forum Theatre. Both about the extraordinary usefulness of it as an approach and about some of the significant problems that can be experienced in how it is developed and how it is presented and facilitated. With respect gratitude for all that has gone before, I add my own comments here as a contribution to the ongoing use and development of this very worthwhile creative approach.

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'A Story Unfolds'

‘A Story Unfolds’ is an interactive way to explore with groups (including very large ones) issues both social and/or personal, and to identify possible solutions to problems. It involves the telling of a story by a presenter or facilitator, which often has twists and turns and which presents moral dilemmas as they emerge.

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