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A code of ethics – why it won't make a difference

I am not opposed to a code of ethics for youth workers. I simply do not think it will make any difference to the way youth workers will act. I am in favour of youth workers acting ethically and I am in favour of doing all we can to make sure this happens. I just don’t think that a Code of Ethics will make much difference. The following adds some words to the above position, but basically that’s it.

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Resilience – is ts just another buzz word?

It’s official. People are happier having sex than commuting. I know this because I read it in Richard Layard’s book ‘Happiness.’ It’s on page 15 right at the top of the list of what makes people happy. Commuting is number fifteen. And the reason I quote this research to you is to demonstrate that sometimes research delightfully confirms for us things that we already know to be true. (Unless of course you put commuting at the top of your list which suggests you are using some fabulous form of transport unknown to most of us.)

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Working with kids locked up

This paper has been written from the perspective of someone who enters the Juvenile Justice System as a guest to work with young people within that system. The comments are based particularly on my experience of running groups within that system in Australia over a number of years and in relation to a number of different content areas, including helping young people: Develop strategies for maintaining non-offending life-styles; Manage drug use in life and;Develop strategies for reducing drug use which leads to offending behaviour.

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