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Peer Education


Engaging young people – 30 videos

For 30 days I posted a short video each day to give you an activity you can use to engage with young people, connect with them and build a relationship so that together you can then begin to discuss matters that are important to them. They were conversational and interactive activities you can use with individuals, groups and when there is a third party present.

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Pete's Mates

This Peer Education program was put together for high school students who had expressed an interest in being peer educators specifically in relation to the use of alcohol and other drugs amongst young people. These fabulous young people were keen to deepen their understanding of substance use, keen to learn more about how they might approach the topic of alcohol and other drugs with other young people in an engaging way, and keen to deepen, strengthen and extend their already existing considerable personal qualities and skills that would help them in running interactive and engaging groups with other young people.

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This peer education programme stretched over a number of months, starting with zoom chats across the Pacific to work out a framework and an approach, which we then followed up with me visiting Norfolk Island for a week to work with the peer educators, the school, community and family members. We continued our zooms for a number of months across the waves and then I returned to Norfolk to help the peer educators finalise and present their Projects. All in all a wonderful uplifting experience and a total privilege for me.

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