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Our son took up smoking when he was about three and a half. We were in Greece where smoking is common and he used to go outside after eating and smoke a straw. Sometimes a stick. He has always been a considerate smoker. But he gave up. And that was good. Here we are in Bali and he has taken up the activity again. He still smokes straws (no sticks now) but tends often to not go outside any more. Bali seems to have no obvious rules governing smoking in public places and Balinese and visitors alike smoke in restaurants. Funny really because the same tourists are unlikely to smoke in similar places ‘back home.’ When the rule disappears it seems so does the reasonable behaviour. A shame. And I posted something a little while ago about my pleasure in the absence of written rules here in Bali. I might just need to rethink some of this. Nah I still like that idea. But not crazy about the smoking. And our son is gona hafta go through withdrawals again. Kindy’s gonna be hell!

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