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30 activities you can use to engage with young people, connect with them and build a relationship so that together you can begin to discuss matters that are important to them.

Conversational, interactive activities you can use with individuals, groups and when there is a third party present.

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Visit the Resources page for:

  • Groupwork activities
  • Guides
  • Workshop notes and worksheets
  • Discussion papers

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Visit the Shop to purchase more content including books (print and digital), online videos and DVDs.

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Now available on Vimeo to purchase.

This video takes you into the real lives of young people; unscripted, immediate and genuine, from more formally sitting in a counselling room, to the casualness of the street together with the sounds of the wind and passing traffic.

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[dt_sc_h3 type=”” class=””]FRAMES | The Book[/dt_sc_h3]

FRAMES: 12 fabulous ways of talking with young people. A new book by Peter Slattery.

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