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‘The death of education but the dawn of learning’

There is a beaut YouTube vid on my site from a few days ago about learning. The title of this post is taken straight from that. It is a little difficult from the credits at the end to work out exactly who is saying what so you might want to go look for yourself. But the title above comes from Stephen Heppell. And the following comments, which I found really interesting and encouraging, come from Daniel Pink.

‘The coin of the realm is not memorizing the facts that they are going to need to know for the rest of their lives. The coin of the realm will be:

Do you know how to find information?

Do you know how to validate it?

Do you know how to synthesize it?

Do you know how to leverage it?

Do you know how to collaborate with it?

Do you know how to problem solve with it?

That’s the new 21st century set of literacies and it looks a lot different than the model that most of us were raised under.’


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