Engaging Disengaged Young People

Working with disengaged young people means catching their attention fast, and doing ‘something’ so they will connect with what is happening and how it is happening, and with you. It means approaching young people in unexpected ways; grabbing their attention and firing their imaginations. And it means doing all this from a solid evidence base of wellbeing and resilience and with an awareness of what is more likely to work with young people who are having a hard time of life. So we will look at multiple ways of doing this; from conversational story-telling to challengingly-supportive questions, to the two minute conversation, the four line drawing, and the idea of physical conversations. And we will look at how the evidence, the approach and strategies can be built into programmes, projects and individual interactions. This workshop is intended for you if you find yourself in a youth centre, class room, rehab centre, youth refuge, school or just sitting in a car driving somewhere with a young person (because that’s part of your job too).