Talking to teens – therapy on-the-go

Why are questions so useful? Because a question gives you your own answers. And if the question is new, never heard before, then a person may well come up with an answer, yet still totally their own, that they have never heard before. This is affirming and worthwhile for anyone, yet for a young person experiencing life hardships, then such an experience can be life-transforming and hope-inspiring. And this is true even if the young person is not speaking at all, as some young people choose to do at times.

In this workshop we will look at therapeutic questioning using words that all people use, not just questions couched in the language of therapy. And because there are times when a young person may not want to speak to you, or to anyone, we will look at how to have the very briefest of conversations within which you can aim to do a great deal; how to offer something intriguing to a young person whether they speak or not; how to have a full conversation with someone without them speaking at all or you knowing any of the answers to the questions you ask, and how to have conversations that involve jots on paper, a stick in the sand, or even a walk down a street. And balanced with this we will look at the value and the role of respectful silence and attentive listening.

You will have the joy of both asking and responding to questions devised in the workshop, and you will find out how to have a terrific conversation in two minutes, including in situations which are less than ideal. All are based on solid therapeutic principles and practice.