The theatre of change. The art of ‘looking at ourselves’

Theatre always sounds, well, kind of theatrical really. Conjures up some unusual images. But the techniques actors use to develop themselves and how they use ‘theatrical techniques’  to prepare for ‘a show’ give us non-actors rich territory to explore. There are strategies to build rapport and trust between actors so they can confidently rely on each other on stage. There are techniques that help them connect with an audience, get their attention, tell a story, invite involvement. Gee! Sounds like working with young people to me…and their families…and their communities. So that’s what this workshop is about. How to make use of the thinking, the intentions and the strategies that theatre has to offer us, and adapt and mould all of this, while maintaining its integrity, to the work that we do. A very interactive, at times really challenging (in the best possible way) workshop.