Being a parent today…being a young person today

Mo & Da C Exp Col IMAG3039What does being a parent mean today? And what do young people expect of their parents? What do parents expect of their children?We hear a lot about the importance of boundaries, of clear communication and of the importance of listening, but what do parents do if the music is blaring, the world is beckoning and you feel kind of sidelined? And what do you do if as a young person you feel unheard or stifled? What do words like ‘communication’ and ‘boundaries’ mean at these times? And there is more and more research that helps us be clearer about:

  • What’s the same and what’s different about how kids are these days?
  • What is good, and what is not-so-good communication?
  • How come we have doubts about ‘praising’ our kids these days?
  • Where do things like reward, punishment, discipline fit in these days?
  • What are the universals that have not changed and are still vital to kids growing up well?