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Xmas, cynicism, what matters, optimism and inspiration

Easy to become cynical ain’t it…there is a lot of not-so-nice stuff going on in the world…and yet I suspect cynicism is the greatest destroyer. And I find it as hard as anyone to rise above it at times. But I do like xmas, and I have always been with those I love…both biological and logical family. And I know I’m lucky for this. Having just finished 3 weeks of workshops in a boys’ high school, and one which is simultaneously challenging and inspiring, I was kinda chuffed by one boy’s comment when I asked him what he had got out of our time together. ‘ Be nice to gay people’ he said. Not quite the way I might express it and not everyone thinks that gayness is an okay thing. But I was delighted by the comment.

So at Xmas, I do remember that I consider cynicism to be the greatest destroyer, and that against which we must always defend ourselves. And I remind myself that optimism is good for us, as is generosity. Both really are…check the research…engage in these two and live better and live longer. And really, if you gonna live longer you wanna make sure it’s better, right?

This morning our 5 year old son picked up a Terry Pratchett book I am reading at the moment (now there is inspiration!) coz he loved the cover. He was turning the pages carefully with his hand clenched into a ball. I asked him why he was doing it like that and he said: ‘I always look after things that are precious to other people and I want to keep it clean.’ (Coz his hand were a wee bit grubby from making shortbread with his mum). Now this makes me feel pretty good. So whatever your beliefs, at this time of year, enjoy yourselves, the time, and others. And because not everyone is on Twitter I shall reproduce below the 5 questions I tweeted yesterday.

What really matters to you?

Where really matters to you?

When really matters to you?

Who really matters to you?

Who really matters about you?

Go well, see you in 2011.


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