Paws Up LogoIf you can’t access the following video show then you might just go find a computer where you can. It is a homage to PAWS UP which is just one terrific idea put together by Bernie Shakeshaft in Armidale.

Working with border collies, the boys look after the dogs, train them, take them to shows and with detailed care, encourage the dogs to jump as high as they can. It is competitive…and they often win.

The music as you might hear, from Uncle Martin of Bowraville, is the same piece I used on my tribute to him. Seemed to fit.

If you don’t have flashdrive then really…download it.
In the meantime, here are a couple of pics that might give you an idea of what it’s all about.

There are both spoken and unspoken elements of this programme.

With the dogs
If you want the dogs to jump high…they need to look up
If they try a jump and don’t make it, they are caught by one of the boys
Gordo and ZorroCS

If they can’t make the height after three jumps, then they are pulled out for that day

If they do make the jump, when the go over the top, instead of facing a 9 foot drop, they land over on bales of hay and as before, are looked after by helpers




In conversation
How is your dog travelling today?
How are you travelling?
Hey crazy thought…might be some connection between the two?
Hey another crazy thought…does the way you act for example, towards your teachers, have anything to do with the way they act towards you?

Within the overall programme
The boys are involved in something fun and interesting
They have responsiblity for the dogs and for each other
Dave, Ray and GordieCS






Three amigoesSThey have a role and place in the programme
They have an identity within the programme

The boys respect themselves, the dogs, each other…

The boys are respected by others for what they do and how they present themselves

There is partnership and participation

This is something meaningful and challenging…a chance for everyone to shine
Welcome signExpS









A wonderful programme. Well done Bernie. Good onya boys.

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