Disengaged Young People



Engaging Young People

Relationship, relationship, relationship...the key to engaging young people whether individually or in groups.

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Engaging Disengaged Young People

Learn how to engage with disengaged young people.

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Working with families – the good stuff and the tough stuff

Learn skills and roles for mentoring families and friends.

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Resilience, wellbeing and being well

A lot of talk about these ideas lately. Some good, some not-so good. This workshop is about how we meaningfully hang onto the essence of these vitally important ideas, breathe meaning into the words and translate these ideas meaningfully into all that we do in our work

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Young people and risk-taking

Risk-taking…we know new things; and the world has changed...

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Drug use. Change and choice

This workshop is about how to work with young people and substance use. And it's about how to juggle the tricky ingredients of 'change' because sometimes that needs to happen for both the safety and wellbeing of a young person, and 'choice' the respectful and necessary ingredient that everyone needs to go well in life.

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Talking to teens – therapy on-the-go

Young people don't always sit still for a conversation. Nor do they always want to look at the 'sticky' parts of life. This workshop will look at just how to have the briefest of conversations, while at the same time tackling some of the tricky stuff

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Group work and young people

Bang, crash boom! Young people in groups? Challenging, energetic and fun! Develop your group work and facilitation skills and run groups that are interactive, engaging and fun!

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Groupwork activities, activities and more activities

Sometimes you just need a bunch of things at your fingertips that, in the middle of a group, you can pull out and use. That's what this workshop is about. Theory is vital and I love it. So everything will we do will be backed by theory. But 'doing' is the operative word here.

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The theatre of change. The art of ‘looking at ourselves’

Theatre is amazing territory for youth, health, community workers to explore. Physical, practical, interactive, deliberate and with endless strategies to help us develop our own confidence in our work, as well giving us great tools to work with young people, their friends and families; in fact, whole communities. Great stuff...

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