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Professional supervision with workers

Need supervision?

In-house supervision can be necessary and useful. External supervision offers something additional. And as the content of supervision can sometimes be about uncertainty and vulnerability it can be tricky revealing all this to someone who may be doing your staff appraisal next month. Hence external supervion. And this process, usually best conducted away from the work place to give a sense of focus and specialness to the event, is about ensuring the welfare, wellbeing and professional competence and accountability of workers. If workers are okay, then their clients will get much better service. So my focus is always the workers. And anything that effects how they are at work is the territory of supervision. It isn’t therapy, but at times it sure looks like it and employs the same approach of enquiry that good therapy would follow. And this process needs the support of management, so feeding back to those up the line, (while maintaining confidentiality) the topics that have been covered and the usefulness of these meetings.

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