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If you want to get some idea of what the groups are like that I run, here is a little video of a group we ran in Sydney a little while ago.

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'The voice in your head'

This workshop looks at how we see ourselves and what we tell ourselves and the difference this can make to how we navigate our way through life and all that comes our way.

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Finding 'my place'

Everyone needs to be part of something, and part of something worthwhile; this workshop is about creating that place.

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Gender, sex and sexuality

A fraught, volatile and interesting topic. How do boys/girls women/men want to be seen by members of their own sex? By members of the opposite sex? What is sexuality? What are the various ways sexuality can manifest itself in people’s lives? Where does sex belong? How do you decide what you want? What are others’...

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Alcohol and other drug use

This workshop looks at use of alcohol and drugs from the perspective of the choices people make, why those choices might be made, the influences at work in the lives of young people, and how young people can keep themselves and those around them safe.

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Discrimination and its opposite

Just as a community might want to look at how to develop into the sort of place everyone would want to live, so too might a school look at how to become a welcoming and inspiring place. So this workshop looks at asking just what sort of school does everyone want?

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Peer education

A quite wonderful way for young people to care for each other, peer education looks at what young people can offer each other.

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Conflict. Troubles. Problems. They’re part of life. What can you do about them?

This is an interactive workshop which presents an easy to understand, but really quiteProbs conflictsC S hard to do!… four step approach to sorting out conflict.

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I am also very happy to talk with you about your needs and what can be designed specifically for the work you do, the young people you work with and the circumstances you find yourself in.

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