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Peter Slattery has worked with individuals, families and communities for 30 years. Resident in Sydney, Australia; Peter works throughout his own country as well as in Asia, Europe and North America. Among the many resources he has published is ‘Youth works. A very practical book about working with young people’ which is used both in Australia and overseas, the online videos ‘Conversations with young people’ the multi-media groupwork resource ‘THOUGHTPICS’, the on-line learning resource ‘A Wide Lens’ and, most recently, ‘Frames: 12 Fabulous Ways of Talking With Young People‘. Peter’s passion is to find or develop new, exciting and ever more useful ways of helping people explore what troubles or inspires them. He draws on theatre, storytelling, drawing, humour and indeed anything at all that might help in this process.

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    Conversations with Young People

    Now available on Vimeo to watch.

    This video takes you into the real lives of young people; unscripted, immediate and genuine, from more formally sitting in a counselling room, to the casualness of the street together with the sounds of the wind and passing traffic.

    Preview: CONVERSATIONS With Young People

    30 activities you can use to engage with young people, connect with them and build a relationship.

    Engaging Young People – 30 Videos | WATCH NOW FOR FREE

    FRAMES: 12 fabulous ways of talking with young people. A new book by Peter Slattery.

    Find Out MoreFree: Download FRAMES – The Book

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