Working with young people

Together with friends, families and communities

Hello and welcome

I’ve worked with young people for around 35 years, not always, but usually with those having a hard time of life. And I work with these young people in all the places you’d expect to find them; and I also work with the families, friends, carers and important others in the lives of these young people. Because I’ve been doing this for a while now, I also train and mentor workers. And I’ve written a bunch of books and resources, in both the e and ‘real’ worlds.

I never really understand what ‘Life/work balance’ means. I simply have a life; and it’s a life filled with people I love; the things I enjoy doing, and my work with young people. This ‘work’ I consider to be a privilege, and there is nothing I would rather do. I’m in the right place. You’re welcome to look here if you would like to know more, or just email me. I’d be happy to hear from you. Go well.


With young people


Find out more about how I work with young people individually.

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I run workshops for groups of young people.

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With workers


Get training on engagement, mentoring, drugs & alcohol, group work, families, crisis and more.

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Forums, team-building, planning, managing work-place tensions & differences and more.

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Get external supervision from 40 years of experience.

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With family and friends


Help to understand the young people in your life.

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