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Our young people…and digital learning

More from Wes Fryer on education for the ‘NOW’. See watya think! I have edited this down a bit…

‘Now, video of 6 year old dancing for 30 seconds
– the motivation is: the student has a global audience
– you explain that, it’s amazing what happens to them (students) when they understand this global audience

Most schools will block any student work being shown to the world

Kids can ask great questions when they view the work of other kids online
– I am fascinated by how children view the work of other children, and how adults view it
– it is often quite different

Technology is not the revolution
– it is changing the culture of our schools, the culture change
– working on things like work ethic
– teaching kids they have a global focus

Do your students have a work ethic that is globally competitive?

Outside of education, the #1 use of technology is for global communication

Are you teaching students to have a global voice?
– impact around the world…. that is absolutely essential

Go to WikiPedia to learn about digital learning today
– WikiPedia is such an under-utilized resource for learning in the classroom…’

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