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Talking with young people


Four communication essentials

The Communication I am talking about here, isn’t the backwards and forwards of an ordinary conversation, but the form of Communication that can be helpful when you need to have the ‘important chat’ with a young person, possibly your son or daughter. Perhaps when they have been playing up a bit, or when you are worried about them, or when you want them to generally ‘lift their game.’

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Young people – 10 things you must know

What we know today we didn’t know yesterday. Tomorrow we will know something new. And there are always multiple views about everything and sometimes competing research. I am also giving you my ‘ten things’; someone else will give you a different ten. Check and recheck.

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Young people – keeping them safe

If you are trying to work out ways of helping a young person stay safe, whether your own son or daughter or someone else, then the following might be helpful to you. You can sit down and go through these questions on your own, or even better, do it together with the young person. The purpose is to find ways that fit for the young person to keep them from harm. The trick is finding ones you agree on.

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